All prospective students are welcome to come and try a free lesson to see if TKD is for you.

Beginner classes are started twice a year, but new students are welcome to join at any time.

All you need to start is some loose fitting clothing, ie, jogging bottoms & a tee-shirt, and an enthusiastic attitude.

All ages and abilities are welcome with separate children’s classes if required. All beginners start at their own pace and nobody is expected to do anything beyond their ability.

If, after the free trial lesson, you decide you want to continue with TKD, a licence must be applied for, which acts as your personal insurance and membership to WTKD.  This costs £15.00 and is renewed annually. Your uniform (Dobok), and any other equipment can be purchased through your instructor, though we try to ensure that you really want to continue with your training in TKD before you spend any money.

Training fees are paid on a monthly basis, at the start of every month.

Those students who have previously trained in TKD or any other martial art are more than welcome at WTKD.