Tae Kwon-Do (TKD) is a relatively modern martial art, developed in its present form in Korea in the 1950’s, as a military martial art utilising techniques from traditional Korean systems and Japanese Shotokan Karate, with a modern scientific approach.

TKD mainly uses kicks, strikes and blocks to form an effective form of self-defence, and an excellent way to improve fitness, flexibility, concentration, self-awareness and confidence to name but a few benefits.

Over the last sixty years TKD has gained a fearsome reputation, especially for its awesome kicking techniques, to become one of the most widely participated martial arts in the world with millions of students globally, and official Olympic status.

A beginning student will gradually learn techniques, whilst gaining fitness, following a structured grading system which allows students to have realistic goals to achieve and an effective way to gauge their improvement.

Worcester Tae Kwon-Do (WTKD) is an independent group of like-minded individuals, free from any political ties and large association interference, which strives to provide good quality TKD for the good of the art and the student.