Worcester Tae Kwon-Do is an independent group set up to provide quality TKD, free from any politics or interference from large associations.

We practise the Chang-Hun style of patterns, originally developed by Grandmaster General Choi Hong-Hi, often regarded as the founder of Tae Kwon-Do.

We practise both the semi-contact and also the WTF (Olympic) style of sparring.

As well as the traditional training, we also use a variety of modern training methods to improve strength, fitness and flexibility. Within our comprehensive training facililty we have heavy bags, focus pads, kicking paddles and stretching machines, all designed to give you the most from your training.

Circuit and interval training is regularly practised to achieve optimal results.

At WTKD we use applications from the patterns to form a comprehensive self-defence system based on the movements and techniques that are learned and practised regularly within our patterns training.

Training with WTKD will drastically improve your fitness, flexibility, strength and endurance whilst also giving you a well rounded experience of traditional and modern Tae Kwon-Do.